Kathryn Raaker

Today's consumers are using a personal vantage point to make decisions about the products and services they choose. That's why it's so important to work with a multimedia company that offers a combination of today's marketing alternatives to reach consumers on an intimate level.

As the head of the Tri State Connection, Kathryn Raaker brings together resources to provide the targeted media, branding, print and public relations options that your customers will respond to. Her experienced team of professionals develop and implement a comprehensive marketing program that connects your message with the right people in the right way.

Broadcast Media & Production

Receive national coverage through our radio, television and web shows with customized program packages and pricing. Our shows provide a range of opportunities to immediately introduce your product or service to our audiences through personal interviews and presentations with host Kathryn Raaker.  She offers special pricing and other opportunities with endorsements and commercial breaks, product placement and her amazing connections to get the word out about you and your products.

We provide copy, scripts and complete production services with our “Expert Sponsorship Packages”. Plus, after the shows air, you can use any video footage on your website.

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Product Branding, Packaging and Printed Collateral

Professional logo design, appealing packaging, and persuasive print collateral that communicates to your audience are critical to making your product successful in today’s consumer market. With our professional connections we can help you develop the perfect visual presentation for your product or service.

Product Introduction & Demonstrations

Making your product available to customers requires a long path to get in front of the buyers who make the decisions.  We have experience with getting products in front of decision makers across the nation, in chain stores and with very specific and targeted retailers. We can help you find opportunities to create consumer demand by introducing your products direct to the consumers through live demonstrations, in stores and on network shopping channels.

Public Relations & Promotion Events

Getting the word out through public relations and events is a great way to create excitement about your product or service. We can help you coordinate intimate to large events and generate that “hot buzz” about your product and deliver it through whatever media your customers are using.