About Us

Tri State Connection is a global multimedia and public relations marketing company that focuses on helping you reach potential customers using an intimate marketing approach. We offer a variety of radio, television, and brand-building services.

Kathryn in Studio  Kathryn Raaker, president of Tri State Connection, is an experienced PR and Marketing Executive as well as a producer, and TV radio host. She is currently the Executive Producer of five television shows and has brought over 25 TV Health and Wellness shows to different Networks that have been seen by over 57 millions viewers. Her programs also appear on Family Entertainment Network, Time Warner, Comcast,  Dr. TV Channel,Talk 4 TV, and Internet TV an shortly on Family Friendly Entertainment Network.

Kathryn spearheads each client’s marketing plan taking a personal interest in their product or service. She calls on her network of resources to organize a team of professionals to produce audio, video and print materials individually designed to meet each client’s needs. With her guidance and motivation she helps you discover the most professional and effective ways to reach your consumers.